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The Rainbow Zoo
Written by Lucille Lang Day
Illustrated by Gina Aoay Orosco

Praise for The Rainbow Zoo

"Two children go to a zoo where they meet a wide assortment of unusually colored animals in this rhyming, illustrated book for young children...Day’s lines scan well and have a nice bounce. Orosco’s pleasant illustrations are also a plus, nicely capturing the book’s feel while adding to its humor, as in her depiction of an angry, frowny-faced, and adorably fat fuchsia bumblebee. Children often enjoy nonsense and silliness, so the topsy-turvy nature of the colors will give them much to giggle over. Also, although many other kids’ books teach basic colors, this one gives young readers a chance to become familiar with more exotic hues, such as tangerine and fuchsia...An excellent candidate for reading aloud, helped out by attractive, textured illustrations." — Kirkus Reviews

A rhyming children's book

Ages 4 and up

Come join us for a tour of the Rainbow Zoo!

We can stop for a lunch of plaid hot dogs and be entertained by maroon monkeys and indigo frogs...

Young readers will learn the names of animals and also the names of colors—familiar ones such as red and blue, as well as more unusual ones such as fuchsia and turquoise.