The Number Before Infinity:
Poems by Zack Rogow

Praise for
The Number Before Infinity

Reading Zack Rogow’s The Number Before Infinity, I was reminded of young Neruda’s love poems; here is that passion, tempered and informed by the briars and grace of marriage and family. —Cornelius Eady

Very few poets have the courage to open themselves as fully as Zack Rogow does as he pours out, in passionate poetry, the story of a love affair and the family fallout it radiates. These poems are hot, honest, propelled by the skill of a first-rate worker in words to serve what William Carlos Williams said poetry was all about—feeling. Any reader who opens this extraordinary book and begins reading won’t put it down. That’s a guarantee. — Bill Zavatsky


I’m open so wide
                                 so wide
I don’t have any skin.

Words overheard
on the sidewalk
jostle me left and right. Every breeze
becomes a parade,
every scratch
a torrent.
Even a dancer suddenly        lifted   
is enough to blank me out.

And just a pebble of a country song
rattles my fault lines:
I’m in so deep
Can’t think of gettin’ out

I’m open so wide
                                so wide
to take in each of your glances,
all of your long, dark hair.