Embrace: Poems by Risa Kaparo

Praise for Embrace

Embrace is a spiritual autobiography; rich, engrossing, it climbs the levels from language to psychology to archetype. Risa Kaparo writes a poetry of 'soul-making.'—Richard Silberg, author of Doubleness

When she writes about a holocaust of a fire, you feel it. Real life holds you in her poetic grip. A poet who makes beauty out of her suffering.—Floyd Salas, author of State of Emergency

These poems weave us together in our felt experience, entwining strands of shared emotion—similarities lost on the surface, yet available just below.—Nancy Margulies, author of
Mapping Inner Space

Embrace is an imaginative encirclement. It will sensually re-craft your relationship to knowing.— Dawna Markova, author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life

Embrace is poetry fired in a crucible of suffering. It is a life told in a lyrical narrative that moves from abuse to love and redemption, from darkness to light. These poems are autobiographical and mythical at the same moment, visceral and spiritual. They sing.— Richard Garcia, author of
The Flying Garcias

Risa Kaparo's poetry takes you into a world that is raw, brilliant and unnerving. Her writing has a stark and tender beauty as she touches our deepest familial chords with an honesty and intimacy that is unblinking. This is a revealing and powerful story of a modern woman, finding herself through courageously facing the emotional and physical challenges of living.— David Surrenda, Founder and former Dean John F. Kennedy University Graduate School of Holistic Studies


like children who've slept with their bellies empty
rush into the streets
hungry to eat the morning
like rock quickens with tendrils of light
I've walked with the sun until night fell
forgetful of the reason of hours
still the road rears its head
slithers like a snake beneath my feet
midnight clings to my breast
coils its blue flesh about me
now flames of stars
lick my body
flames like mouths of women
in love
I am nothing
embrace me
even nothing can not last